The Modules

We currently offer seven diverse modules for you to choose. Modules can be duplicated if needed. This flexibility allows you to build an impressive, engaging experience catered to your unique goals and expectations.


A series of categorized, alphabetized rosters of names. The Recognition module organizes large pools of names and content into neatly organized categories and subcategories. All content is filterable and if there’s more information a link will be available for learning more about the Honorees.


The Honoree module showcases a series of profiles complete with imagery and descriptive copy. The Honoree module also features clickable entries, allowing for bios, photos, and videos to be incorporated on each profile. The Honoree module is great for recognizing boards of directors, hall of fame inductees, award winners, and much more.

Leadership Message

This module integrates the message or mission of your organization in an attractive and engaging way. The content can be delivered directly from your leadership to your audience with text, video, photos, and even audio.

General Messages

A robust, multi-purpose module that incorporates a limitless amount of content into organized messages. Content can include News, General Message, Upcom- ing events or Blog Information.


A pictorial timeline of events. Capture your organization’s history with photo galleries and event highlights. Your content manager can easily caption photographs and organize them chronologically. There’s virtually no limit to the number of photos and galleries you can integrate within the system.

Facility Map

An interactive, swipable map of your facility, campus, or even region. Augment your map with clickable touchpoints to further engage your visitors. Each touchpoint can feature donor information, photo- graphs, addresses, phone numbers, office hours, directions, and much more

Calendar of Events

Present information about upcoming events to your audience via this highly interactive calendar. Visitors can filter for events pertinent to them and read about any relevant information for the corresponding events. Beyond having room for captions, occurrences can also incorporate an image or QR code with more information.

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