Premier Portrait

The perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Premier is a powerful and flexible theme. You have maximum control over page layout and content creation.

Seven Modules

Modules can be duplicated if needed. This flexibility allows you to build an impressive, engaging experience catered to your unique goals and expectations.


When not in active mode, your screens can provide important information to your donors, visitors, students or employees.

Video Backgrounds

Easily add video backgrounds, making your project even more engaging to your visitors.

QR Code Donation

Make it simple for your visitors to make a donation, we provide a QR code and message to quickly access your online service.

ADA Considerations

Designed with ADA considerations by keep buttons low and accessible to all users.

Online Accessible

An online version allows out of state donors or those unable to be be physically present to see the impact.

Mobile Version

Coming soon.


Digital Donor Recognition Enhanced Screensaver

Honoring the donors, athletes, board members or whomever you wish to highlight is why we developed this screensaver. Even when your Screens are not in active use they can call out the good people that you really wish to show appreciation for. The CMS allows you to allocate which donors should be included within the enhanced Screensaver.



Donating should should be simple. This slide out message with QR code will never present a barrier to entry.

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